At PFPT we offer many different options to enhance athletic performance.  Our instruction is in movement and functional strength training. We aim to make you stronger, faster, and more powerful than ever before.

We work to improve body awareness and energy efficiency, linear speed, lateral speed, strength, endurance, power, mulit-planar core strength, agility and flexibility in all of our athletes.  Our focus is on safety, and most importantly, on injury prevention.  We utilize drills, plyometrics, weights, sleds,  tubes, resistance bands, sport specific training devices and a variety of other equipment that we have at our disposal.

  • Group sports conditioning programs
  • Private Team programs
  • Personal and small group sport training
  • Injury rehab and return to sports training
  • Weight training programs for sports
  • Sport specific programs
  • Baseball/softball pre-season camp

Open Gym

Our open gym program is currently offered at our Harding Street location on the second floor of the Worcester Ice Center. You can use our state of the art training facility that includes Keiser strength and power equipment, platforms, rigs and thousands of pounds of bumper plates, kettlebells and dumbbells. We also have all the accessory equipment you’ll need like Air Assault bikes, Concept 2 Rowers and Ski Ergs, Woodway Treadmill, Bosu’s, slides, medicine balls, ropes and sleds. You can follow your own plan, use our weekly designed workouts, or have an individualized program written for you by our trainers for a small fee. Open gym is available during the following hours:

Monday: 5-10am/2:30-8pm
Tuesday: 5am-1pm/2:30-8pm
Wednesday: 5-10am/2:30-8pm
Thursday: 5am-1pm/2:30-8pm
Friday: 5-10am/2:30-7pm
Saturday and Sunday 7-12pm

All sessions take place at

Peak Fitness Workouts
712 Plantation Street
Worcester, MA 01605

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