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Hi Paul,

I certainly know that I am not your only client that is shrinking !!! YIPEE

Just want to send you my 12 month measurement and stats.

So I have lost 45 #’s,:) Love it start wt 197, now 152:)

Hips -6.25″
Waist -4″
Uhmm..Chest -3.50″
Thighs -3.5, -4
Arms -3.0, -2.5

Grand total 26.75″

Start size in clothes 18, now I am a size 10 OMG a size 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My next goal get as fit a I can for 12/5 surgery, recovery time recumbent bike, and PT, back to you in March, hope to start running again at this time. Then train for a 1/2 marathon for Oct 2014. I am going to do this.

Thanks for your guidance and support!


Just wanted to take a minute and let you know that I think you have a great boot camp program. I have been coming to Peak Fitness now for 4 months all because of a groupon!!!!

I have always made fitness a daily part of my routine but for the last 10-12 years I have stuck pretty much to being a runner due in large part to the “busy-ness” of my life so running allowed me to exercise anytime and it was fairly quick. However, as I have gotten older I have felt I really need to do some cross-training and strength conditioning in addition to the running. So here I am and I am hooked!

I feel great, much stronger, out of my “plateau” and in better shape and I don’t feel some of the aches and strains I did from just running all the time.

What I enjoy about your program is the variety, the intensity, the focus on “doing the exercises correctly” and the fact that I get an incredible workout in less than an hour. While I feel like I have improved since I started, I know every day I still have a long way to go and that I will be challenged every time.. And I will never be bored since it is something different every time I come to class.

Additionally, you and your staff are great – knowledgeable, pushing us to work hard, making sure we are doing things right. I do have to say that this morning was a great class. Rocky is energetic, fully engaged throughout the whole class, motivating and I love his music!

Lastly, thanks for the advice regarding PT for my son. He is going to the place in Holden you recommended.
Oh and I heard you just celebrated a milestone birthday – Happy Birthday!

Have a great weekend.


Hey guys! I just wanted to thank you again for getting me back on the right track! When I started with you, I weighed 270-275 pounds. In about 4 months, I’ve gone down to 225 pounds and have gone from a 42 inch waist to a 36! I feel better than I have in a long time and and I can’t thank you and Tony enough for getting me back on the right track!


I had a GREAT time doing the boot camp and lost 12 pounds in the first month! You and Nicole made it all fun and are so helpful… I really enjoyed it!


Paul’s class is the best! For the 1st time in my life, and 28 years of exercising; aerobics, walking, biking etc., I have gained lean body mass. I have chronic pain daily in my knees and lower back and the more I do this class, the better I feel. The intensity is what exactly what I need and the personal attention Paul gives is the best!


What comes to mind when I think of boot camp? ” A necessary evil”. If there was a pill marketed to keep me fit, I would take it! Reality struck and I FINALLY found a place where I am athletically challenged and mentally stimulated. I am usually not one who enjoys working out and have always felt very insecure at a gym, leading me to find any excuse not to go. However, I have been a committed participant of boot camp since October of 2008. The best part of boot camp for me is that the sessions are always different. Whether it’s a new set of exercises or a change in the order you are performing them, I enjoy the constant change in format and find it to be both challenging and rewarding!


I’ve participated in Peak Fitness Boot Camp since October ’08 and the exercise tasks I am now able to perform are truly astonishing. Despite the fact that Paul has had to adapt some exercises to protect my previously injured shoulder, my upper body strength increases each week. And my ability to move freely and rapidly has been a total surprise to me. No matter the number of group participants, Paul is always aware of each our efforts and offers suggestions and corrections as needed to ensure that we are deriving the maximum benefit from each task. An additional advantage I’ve found has been the sense of camaraderie that has developed within the Boot Camp group with encouraging words being exchanged throughout each session. The Boot Camp has helped me become much more physically confident and competent and I am absolutely amazed at the results!


Peak Fitness Boot Camp is your answer if you are like I used to be: De-conditioned, following a knee injury and surgery, out of shape and over weight. Over the first 6 weeks, I lost over 20 lbs and got in much better shape. The workout was tough at first but the results are amazing! I can’t believe how much stronger and healthier I feel. My life is hectic since I am a Chief Nursing Officer at a hospital in Boston and my time is limited. In the past, time getting to the gym was difficult but the 45 minute class three times a week is very convenient as well as easy to stick with. We actually have a lot of fun too! Paul is an exceptional trainer and gives each of us the individual attention to keep our form correct, avoid injury and advance. He also offers us variety in our workouts and challenges each of us to improve. In the spring, I am going to be fit and strong enough again to continue the physically intense work on my Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT -MA 2). TRY IT, YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

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