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Welcome to the ONLY boot camp and fitness program designed by Physical Therapists in the Worcester area.

Whether you're looking for boot camps, personal training, sport specific training for baseball, football or basketball, or If you're just looking to start a safe fitness program to help you get in shape, lose weight and have fun, you've found it! Our programs can be tailored to help any individual reach any goals they might have and we welcome all ages and levels of fitness to join us. We have currently have individuals in our programs from ages 17-65!

Meet Melissa. She joined our boot camp in March of 2011. Melissa has lost 55 pounds with us and 100 pounds overall!  You can read her blog and get someone's perspective of our boot camp starting from day one! Click here to read all about it!


   2 weeks before starting boot camp           1 year later! (March 2012)

Over 100 members can't be wrong! Join Worcester's most popular boot camp and see what you've been missing! We keep our classes small (14 person maximum) to give you more attention!

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We guarantee that we are the most effective boot camp in the area! How confident am I? If you don't agree, I'll give you a full refund OR another month free!

Compare us with the other gyms and boot camps... Adventure, Power, NV, or X Core. You won't find a better, more comprehensive workout program than right here at Peak Fitness!

No need to buy weights, tubing or exercise mats. NO lifting picnic tables or park benches, NO piggy backing partners or rolling around on the grass and dirt. NO repeating the same exercises over and over because there's no equipment available or you're in a small, cramped space...

                              Whether it's body weight exercises...







The prowler...


Heavy bag punches...



Or the Viper... we have the largest variety of workout equipment available in any boot camp!

We have all the tools you need to reach your goals right here in our own 3500 square foot gym! Sleds, rings, ropes, weights, bosu's, heavy bags, kettle bells, medicine balls... you name it, we've got it!

Need to go straight to work after boot camp? We've got showers available in our gym!

Don't want to be outside exercising in bad weather or suffering from allergies and getting dirty? We've got AC in our gym and turf on our floor!

 Want to join us and get in shape? Click here!

If you want to achieve any of the following, then our boot camp is the perfect fit for you!

  • Lose weight and tone up your body
  • Improve self confidence
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Meet new people and HAVE FUN!

And we promise you the following:

  • We are NOT a class where you try to figure out what you're supposed to be doing because the instructor isn't paying attention to you.
  • We are NOT a class where you will be worrying that everyone will see you if you mess up, miss a step, or can't keep up.

  • We are NOT a boring gym routine where you'll be doing the same things over and over.

At Peak Fitness Boot Camps, we emphasize form, function and tempo in every workout... in other words, your health and safety is our #1 priority!  Our programs can be tailored to help any individual reach any goals they might have and we welcome all ages and levels of fitness to join us!

Want to join us and get in shape? Click here for more information!

Email our staff at or call 774-239-1185 with any questions or inquires about training!

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